Congratulations for your success. 

Pierre Dupuis

Bravo, your clinic has a lot of class. It's a lot of good; It's always a pleasure to come to rest on your table and come out in top form ...


I suffered more than a year with a sore arm without finding a solution. One day I saw an announcement by Dr. Gagnon listing the care she offered. So I decided to consult her and magically she completely cured my pain which lasted for more than a year. Dr. Gagnon thank you very much for the good and even excellent service. Today about 2 years later I have the same pain but the other shoulder. I did not hesitate to come immediately.

Fernand Roy

My history with chiropractic is not a typical one. I enrolled in College to receive a diploma in Chiropractic Office Assisting in 1998. Over the past 20 years, working in many different clinics, I have been witness to many ‘Chiropractic Miracles’! I have helped people crawl through the door upon their initial visit, and watched them become major advocates of chiropractic, referring many patients afterwards. A moment that will always stand out for me is when a mother stood at the front desk to tell me that our care changed her family’s life. Unbeknownst to me, her 13 year-old son was being treated for bed-wetting and had never been able to enjoy a sleep-over at a friend’s. With chiropractic care, his brain was able to communicate with his bladder and he was able to participate in something many children take for granted.

I am often asked if I myself benefit from chiropractic care. Of course! My belief is we all should! We have teeth and we see a dentist for prevention, we have spines and we should also see a chiropractor for prevention. My children have been patients of chiropractic since they were 3 weeks-old. The birth-process if very hard on a baby’s spine, so a malalignment of the vertebrae can interrupt the communication of the brain to vital organs. I have witnessed care help with children’s acid-reflux, ear-infections, hearing, growing pains, etc. When my daughter falls off her horse, the first thing we do is book her for an adjustment! She recently experienced a fall that resulted in her being on crutches. She came into the clinic to have ultrasound on her hip for bursitis, as well as adjustments on her spine. The doctors at CHEO couldn’t believe how fast her recovery took place. I credit that entirely to chiropractic care!

I am often told by new patients that ‘this was my last resort’ and have heard the words ‘I wish I had of tried this sooner’ more often that I can count. Please refer your friends and loved ones for care. It just might change their life!

Truth be told, I couldn’t imagine my life without having a Chiropractor in it!